CEE 542 Winter 2014

“The instruction was excellent. The professor was extremely thorough in presenting all of the relevant and most important details to effectively convey the core concepts in an efficient and easily understood manner. Ultimately he leaves the students with an extremely solid understanding of the material, an improved sense of engineering judgment, and a framework for how to implement these two for success in professional practice.”

“This was a fascinating course that I really enjoyed taking. I appreciate Prof Zekkos dedication and enthusiasm when teaching. I think this course was very applicable to work done in the geotechnical profession, and I appreciate his wealth of knowledge on the subject and about the industry. Thank you for the semester!”</>

“Professor Zekkos does an amazing job of relating classroom learning to real life problems and solutions. I am leaving this course confident in my ability to recognize problems and apply the appropriate improvement methods.”

“Overall this was a great course and I learned a lot about a wide variety of ground improvement techniques, as well as other geotechnical aspects.”

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