Dr. Zekkos is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in California (US) and Greece and has 20+ years of experience on a wide range of consulting projects that span the fields of geotechnical engineering, data analytics, geospatial analysis and remote sensing. Consulting projects have involved the design, modeling/analysis, monitoring and construction of a number of projects in the USA, Greece, Peru, Finland, Romania, Dominica, and Angola. Examples of projects include:

  • Satellite (optical, radar, multispectral) and UAV-based assessments to monitor and model (in 3D or otherwise) infrastructure;
  • Design and numerical modeling of ground improvement projects
  • Field characterization using in-situ testing, including geophysical techniques
  • Infrastructure (specifically projects related to foundations, deep excavations, highways, tunnels, landfills, dams, levees, oil and offshore platforms, LNG facilities) design and numerical modeling in difficult ground conditions and under a range of loads including seismic, storm or wind loading
  • Geotechnical earthquake engineering, including dynamic laboratory testing, ground motion selection and spectral matching, seismic site response analyses, and liquefaction engineering evaluation
  • Landfill design and construction
  • Forensics evaluations, including landslides, geosynthetics, deep fills, developments)
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