CEE 544 Fall 2009: Rock Mechanics

“One of the strongest points in this course is the homework. I like the homework that makes the students put theories, equations, and so on from the class into practice. Even though it takes so much time to do the homework, it is so worth for the experience in engineering practice.” “The instruction was clear and presented in a logical


CEE 549 Winter 2014

“Professor Zekkos has been one of my favorite professor within the CEE department. I really enjoyed coming to class every day” “Professor Zekkos does a great job of teaching the class to focus on recognizing problems and being able to use your knowledge to select the appropriate solution as opposed to just churning out numbers from equations. I really enjoyed


CEE 345 Fall 2010: Geotechnical Engineering

“Professor Zekkos’ enthusiasm for the subject matter was often contagious. He is a great professor who cares about making sure his students truly grasp the importance of geotechnical engineering.” “I loved having Professor Zekkos as an instructor. I usually have trouble staying awake in early classes, but had no problem paying attention in 345. His enthusiasm made me interested in


CEE 345 Fall 2016

“Professor Zekkos was a great professor. I will miss having him as a professor. He truly cares about his class and students.” “Professor Zekkos contributed significantly to this course. He was always extremely well prepared, clear, enthusiastic, and occasionally genuinely funny. In general this class was very well organized and fair. I really liked to balance between presentation of theoretical


CEE 549 Fall 2010: Geoenvironmental Engineering

“Great course! Very well designed course, with good flow and material covered. Excellent teaching style by the instructor – very clear and covered material very effectively.” “I found the course material very interesting and the range of topics covered was appropriate. Prof. Zekkos is very thoughtful about his lectures and attentive to the students’ learning.”

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