CEE 549 Winter 2014

“Professor Zekkos has been one of my favorite professor within the CEE department. I really enjoyed coming to class every day”

“Professor Zekkos does a great job of teaching the class to focus on recognizing problems and being able to use your knowledge to select the appropriate solution as opposed to just churning out numbers from equations. I really enjoyed this class.”

“The course material is very clear and straightforward, and was presented clearly. This made it very helpful in learning and applying the knowledge. The level of work was appropriate, and the homework reflected the material learned in class. Zekkos is a fantastic professor and places more value on us learning the material well and less on how quickly we can turn things in. It was very helpful to be able to take time to learn the material on my own time and he was always available to answer my questions. He also provided the class with final thoughts going into post-graduation and full-time work, and always related the material to conditions in the field. I appreciate the emphasis on preparing us for real projects.”

“Overall, this was a great course. I learned a lot about a topic that I hadn’t been exposed to and it was generally easy to follow and understand. Covered a wide variety of topics which I think will be helpful to be aware of in a professional environment.”

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