CEE 345 Fall 2010: Geotechnical Engineering

“Professor Zekkos’ enthusiasm for the subject matter was often contagious. He is a great professor who cares about making sure his students truly grasp the importance of geotechnical engineering.”

“I loved having Professor Zekkos as an instructor. I usually have trouble staying awake in early classes, but had no problem paying attention in 345. His enthusiasm made me interested in geotech and I learned a lot from his class.”

“Professor Zekkos, I really liked your emphasis on thinking beyond just getting a good grade in class, and focusing on becoming a better engineer.”

“Lectures were very good. I’m sure I’ll never meet another person that likes geotech more than Prof. Zekkos. It’s nice to learn from people who love to teach their subject.”

“Very well taught so that the book wasn’t really even needed!”

“The instruction for this course has been excellent. I am learning a great deal. Professor Zekkos has done an amazing job teaching the material to our class. He is very inspirational and he is an excellent role model.”

“I really enjoyed how most everything we learned was related back to the real world and our engineering judgement. It is nice to know that we really are being prepared for the real world and not just taking classes to pass them and get good grades. The examples done in class were very helpful, and I really liked seeing pictures and receiving emails from you about Geotech happenings recently. It helped to spark my interest outside of the classroom.”

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