About Greece

Greece is a wonderful, unexplored country that I strongly suggest visiting at least once. Nature’s beauty and history of mankind are bonded in every single corner of Greece.  

Andros is among my favorite Greek islands and my family visits there every year. Check these villas in Andros out.

History of Greece

Website on the Hellenic History founded by the Foundation of the Hellenic World. This is an excellent a complete effort. If you have spare time on the internet, I strongly suggest you use that website. You will enjoy learning.
The Acropolis Museum is a must see in Athens.
Photos of Athens in the 1960s and 1970s.
A video about “OXI”; the “No” that Greece responded to the Referendum of the Italians/Germans to surrender during World War II. Watch Video here!

The Greek Language

The speech of Xenophon Zolotas at the closing session of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, on September 26, 1957 and on October 2, 1959 consisting only of Greek words used in English language. Any other comments are unnecessary, but is definetely interesting to read it.
An obituary of John Chadwick, 1920-1998. With M. Ventris, he decipher the Linear B and proved to the world that the Mycenean Civilization are Greeks.
The Odyssey, and the Iliad, the great poems written by Homer in about the 9th Century BC, translated in English.

Archaeology / History

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Very interesting work is done here.
Ancient Helike. The search for Helike continues while findings strongly encourage more archaeologic investigations are needed to find the city that was lost during an earthquake in 373 BC. Donating money for this effort is something all Greeks should consider.
Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. A center created by the University of California at Berkeley, that continues the work of Professor Steven Miller, who has done a formidable job and deserves your financial support.

Activity Groups

Scouts of Greece: Once a scout, always a scout. Scouts is a group in which you learn to enjoy life and nature, socialize, respect your country, contribute to your society and do activities you usually cannot do with your family or friends. I owe a part of myself to scouts.


Elliniki Ornithologiki Etaireia. Over the years, I was subscribed to several environmental groups in Greece. This is by far the best and their efforts should be supported.  

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