CEE 544 Fall 2009: Rock Mechanics

“One of the strongest points in this course is the homework. I like the homework that makes the students put theories, equations, and so on from the class into practice. Even though it takes so much time to do the homework, it is so worth for the experience in engineering practice.”

“The instruction was clear and presented in a logical manner. There seemed to be a reassuring connection between class concepts and real world applicability.”

“Very good course. I especially liked the semester project, and I learned a lot from having to do outside research on my own. It helped seeing many of the methods we discussed in class actually being used in the Publications”

“I enjoyed the method in which lectures were presented. The explanations were clear, and the explanation of concepts on the blackboard was helpful in learning the material. The homework assignments and research project were interesting and relevant. The instructor was very enthusiastic about the subject and imparted this to the students.”

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