CEE 345 Fall 2015

“The format of CEE 345 appears polished and Professor Zekkos has done a great job helping students gain insight into the material through the use of more traditional methods in addition to presenting modern solution techniques. The lab was one of the best labs during my time at Michigan and really complemented the class.”

“I learned a great deal from this class. Professor Zekkos did an exemplary job making each class interesting by discussing the topic’s importance and applicability to every day life. Professor Zekkos was approachable and extremely knowledgeable about the subject.”

“I have not met a professor as passionate as Mr. Zekkos. I cannot recall a time where a professor cared as much as Mr. Zekkos did this past semester. Mr. Zekkos helped with any problems I have had with out any hesitation, anytime he was not busy! He would even take time out of his lunch break to help. His level of instruction is extremely high and I learned a great deal from his course. I had no concept of Geotechnical engineering, until Mr. Zekkos course informed me of it and now I have a growing passion for Geotechnical engineering! By the way, this was the most important evaluation to me. I really cared about this course. Thank you Mr. Zekkos for the great semester and for all the valuable life and Geotechnical lessons. I will never forget you.”

“Professor Zekkos is enthusiastic about the course and is very knowledgeable about the subject. He does a good job with presenting the information in a way that the students can understand what is being taught.”

“I like that Prof. Zekkos was able to not only teach us about geotech principles, but that he also gave us advice for when we become practicing engineers in the field. This was a really valuable part of the course and had important information to take away, even if we weren’t going into Geotech ”

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