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Graduate Courses Feedback


CEE 542 Fall 2016

"Excellent course - Prof. Zekkos is one of the best instructors I've had at UM. Really excellent instructor - clear examples and addresses all students questions well. I especially enjoy how he connects his course topics to the real world"



CEE 549 Fall 2015

"I like the applicability of this course. I really enjoyed the way this taught and I feel like I am leaving this course with a strong improvement on my engineering skills pertaining to a field I am pursuing."

"Excellent course!!! I found each and every lecture absolutely fascinating! I never enjoyed a class at UM as much as I did this one. Professor Zekkos was an excellent instructor. Always well prepared for class and answered all questions. The homework was for the most part reasonable difficulty. However I wish the homeworks were more design-orientated. For instance, given these parameters, design an landfill containment system etc. That would probably be my largest "issue" with the class, which isn't really much of an issue. Once again, this was a great class - thank you for everything professor!"



CEE 549 Winter 2014

"Professor Zekkos has been one of my favorite professor within the CEE department. I really enjoyed coming to class every day"

"Professor Zekkos does a great job of teaching the class to focus on recognizing problems and being able to use your knowledge to select the appropriate solution as opposed to just churning out numbers from equations. I really enjoyed this class."

"The course material is very clear and straightforward, and was presented clearly. This made it very helpful in learning and applying the knowledge. The level of work was appropriate, and the homework reflected the material learned in class. Zekkos is a fantastic professor and places more value on us learning the material well and less on how quickly we can turn things in. It was very helpful to be able to take time to learn the material on my own time and he was always available to answer my questions. He also provided the class with final thoughts going into post-graduation and full-time work, and always related the material to conditions in the field. I appreciate the emphasis on preparing us for real projects."

"Overall, this was a great course. I learned a lot about a topic that I hadn't been exposed to and it was generally easy to follow and understand. Covered a wide variety of topics which I think will be helpful to be aware of in a professional environment."



CEE 542 Winter 2014

"The instruction was excellent. The professor was extremely thorough in presenting all of the relevant and most important details to effectively convey the core concepts in an efficient and easily understood manner. Ultimately he leaves the students with an extremely solid understanding of the material, an improved sense of engineering judgment, and a framework for how to implement these two for success in professional practice."

"This was a fascinating course that I really enjoyed taking. I appreciate Prof Zekkos dedication and enthusiasm when teaching. I think this course was very applicable to work done in the geotechnical profession, and I appreciate his wealth of knowledge on the subject and about the industry. Thank you for the semester!"</>

"Professor Zekkos does an amazing job of relating classroom learning to real life problems and solutions. I am leaving this course confident in my ability to recognize problems and apply the appropriate improvement methods."

"Overall this was a great course and I learned a lot about a wide variety of ground improvement techniques, as well as other geotechnical aspects."



CEE 549 – WINTER 2013
Classes were interesting. powerpoint handouts were helpful. i really liked the project - i learned a ton and it was much more valuable than having a final exam. i enjoyed the real-world exposure and getting feedback from professionals in the field.

Professor Zekkos is obviously very serious about teaching and very passionate about this subject. That made this class so much more enjoyable. On top of that, he is probably one of the most approachable professors I have ever had. Thanks for the semester, Professor!

Absolutely enjoy Prof. Zekkos' method of teaching. I use his method as a ruler to judge other professors teaching methods. He makes it easy to learn and understand the core concepts of a class. I especially enjoy that the homeworks are based on real world problems instead of just textbook problems.

CEE 549 Fall 2010: Geoenvironmental Engineering

“Great course! Very well designed course, with good flow and material covered. Excellent teaching style by the instructor - very clear and covered material very effectively.”

“I found the course material very interesting and the range of topics covered was appropriate. Prof. Zekkos is very thoughtful about his lectures and attentive to the students' learning.”

CEE 549 Winter 2009: Geoenvironmental Engineering

“Prof. Zekkos is very passionate about his work, and always brings enthusiasm to the classroom. He is always available for his students outside of class, and is very approachable.”

“CEE 549 was the best course I took at the University of Michigan, overwhelmingly because of Professor Zekkos. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject combined his interest in and care for his students' education made this course engaging, practical, and very interesting. Professor Zekkos is bar none the best professor in the entire CEE department. Michigan is extremely lucky to have added such as asset to the department.”


CEE 544 Fall 2009: Rock Mechanics

“One of the strongest points in this course is the homework. I like the homework that makes the students put theories, equations, and so on from the class into practice. Even though it takes so much time to do the homework, it is so worth for the experience in engineering practice.”

“The instruction was clear and presented in a logical manner. There seemed to be a reassuring connection between class concepts and real world applicability.”

“Very good course. I especially liked the semester project, and I learned a lot from having to do outside research on my own. It helped seeing many of the methods we discussed in class actually being used in the Publications”

“I enjoyed the method in which lectures were presented. The explanations were clear, and the explanation of concepts on the blackboard was helpful in learning the material. The homework assignments and research project were interesting and relevant. The instructor was very enthusiastic about the subject and imparted this to the students.”

CEE 542 Fall 2008: Soil and Site Improvement

“This was a great course. I feel like I have gained alot of knowledge from it. The instructor did an excellent job and I admire his passion for the course content and for teaching. His teaching style was very practice-oriented and I feel that this was very beneficial to the students. I also greatly appreciate the instructor's willingness to help students outside of class with not only the course content, but more importantly career goals. I feel that the instructor has made a great impression on me and that I will benefit from this course and the instructor's advice for years to come.I have no suggestions for improvement. Perhaps, however it would have been nice if the semester project were assigned a little bit earlier in the semester to allow students to think about it as they learn the course material.”