Impact of Ground Motion Modification on Seismic Geotechical and Structural Analyses

Brief description

Ground motion modification is used extensively in seismic engineering practice, especially in cases where recorded ground motions that are consistent with the seismic design scenario are not available. The modification process is typically performed in the time domain or the frequency domain and the frequency content and intensity of a ground motion of a “seed” ground motion is modified so that its response spectrum becomes consistent with a target spectrum. Our study explores the impact of this modification process on the ground motion characteristics of the developed modified ground motion, as well as on the results of geotechnical site response and displacement analyses, as well as structural analyses.



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Students Involved


Clinton Carlson


Stephanie Guisbert


Kristina Vaclarek
SURE, Spring-Summer 2012
Jiacheng Li
Independent research and SURE program, Winter 2013 and Spring-Summer 2013.
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