Geotechnical Characterization Of Non-Textbook Soils

Brief description

Beyond the academic world of clays and sands, there is a large range of natural and man-made materials that exhibit properties and geotechnical behavior characteristics that are not typically discussed in textbooks. I broadly refer to these materials as “non-textbook” soils. They include peats, fibrous soils, hazardous waste, (of course Municipal Solid Waste discussed in more detail here), municipal sludges, coal ash and construction and demolition materials as well as exotic soils, and cemented soils. Many aspects of the behavior of these materials are still not well understood. My research objective is to understand the mechanical response of these unconventional materials, some of which are very commonly encountered, using in-situ and laboratory testing and gain a better understanding of their engineering behavior, as well as potential uses or re-uses.



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Students Involved


Michael Flannagan
Matt Hambright
Mohammad Kabalan
Lu Chen


Xavier Rivera-Hernandez
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) , Spring-Summer 2013
Jose Rivera-Perez
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), Spring-Summer 2013
Sita Syal
Fall 2009-Winter 2011 (freshman, sophomore), UROP program
Charles Davis
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), Spring-Summer 2014
Hannah Wasserman
NeWinCEE Summer Researcher, Spring-Summer 2014
Rachel Thompson
NeWinCEE Summer Researcher, Spring-Summer 2014
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