Founder and CEO

    Associate Professor
    Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
    University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Zekkos has been involved in a wide range of consulting projects that span the fields of geotechnical engineering, data analytics, geospatial analysis and remote sensing. Consulting projects have involved the design, analysis, construction and monitoring of a number of projects in the US, Greece, Peru, Finland, Romania and Angola,  Projects include satellite and UAV-based optical and radar sensing to monitor infrastructure, ground improvement projects, in-situ characterization, landfill design and construction, foundation design of power plant facilities, settlement prediction of dams, monitoring and analyses of deep supported excavations, rockmass excavations, field and laboratory testing for highway construction, tunnelling construction with the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM), dynamic laboratory testing, seismic site response analyses, liquefaction engineering evaluation, ground motion selection and spectral matching for offshore platforms and LNG facilities, and onshore and offshore construction on soft soils. In addition, he has been engaged in forensics investigations involving geosynthetic performance, deep fill settlement, and landslides.

  • Numerical modeling of dynamic response of ground improvement technology in liquefiable conditions, undisclosed location
  • Shear Wave Velocity measurements for Subsurface Characterization, CA
  • Dynamic analyses of liquefiable deposits at a port facility, undisclosed location
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar-based assessment of differential settlement of high-rise structure, undisclosed location
  • Large-size cyclic laboratory testing of mine tailings and leached ore, Peru. 
  • UAV-enabled 3D modeling of landslides for geometry and geomechanical characterization, CA, USA. 
  • In-situ and Laboratory Characterization of the Dynamic Properties of a Hazardous Waste Landfill, California
  • Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Compaction, NoName site, Romania
  • Shear Wave Velocity Measurements, for NEHRP Seismic Site Classification, NoName Site, USA.
  • Causation Evaluation of Waste Slope Failure, Xerolakka landfill, Patras, Greece
  • Ground Motion Selection and Modification for a Nuclear Plant in a Stable Continental Seismic Region, Europe
  • Site Characterization and Deep Foundation Design, NoName Site, California
  • Geoengineering Evaluation of the Static and Seismic Slope Stability of Oil Tank, Undisclosed Location.
  • Geologic Assessment and Landfill Design for Disposal Unit A, NoName Landfill, California.
  • 2006 Final Grading Plan Modification, NoName Landfill, California.
  • Conceptual Masterplan, NoName Landfill, California.
  • Offshore Site Development on Soft Soils, Africa.
  • Repair of Levee Failure, California.
  • Evaluation of Exterior Levee Construction Failure, California.
  • Settlement prediction of NoName Dam, Greece.
  • Mitigated Alternative Final Grades, Fill Sequencing Plan and seismic slope stability evaluation, NoName Landfill, California.
  • Ground Motion Selection and Spectral Matching for a South California offshore Platform.
  • Ground Motion Selection and Spectral Matching, South American LNG Facility.
  • Landslide Causation and Recommended Repair, undisclosed location.
  • Geotechnical characterization of NoName Landslide, Peloponnisos, Greece.
  • Geotechnical Recommendations for Foundation Design, 390 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), Greece.
  • Monitoring and Finite Element Modelling of Deep Supported Excavation for the Construction of a Two-Story Underground Parking, Patras, Greece.
  • Evaluation of Landfill Cover Instability and Erosion Damage During Construction.
  • Soil Resources Study, NoName Landfill, Oregon.
  • Geotechnical and laboratory investigations for Attiki Odos, Athens, Greece.
  • Evaluation of the causes of structural damage caused in residential houses, San Jose.